Foldable Waterproof Canvas Laundry Basket


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Product Description

Introducing our Foldable Waterproof Canvas Laundry Basket, the perfect solution for organizing laundry, toys, books, and more! Made from durable linen cotton, this versatile storage basket is designed to withstand daily use and is waterproof for added convenience.Featuring a generous capacity, this basket easily handles everything from dirty clothes to children’s toys. The built-in carrying handle ensures effortless transportation when moving from room to room.Don’t worry about wrinkles from shipping – simply open the basket and start filling it up. Enjoy the space-saving benefits of its foldable design, allowing you to compress and store it when not in use. Specifications:
  • Material: Cotton and linen
  • Category: Dirty clothes basket
  • Usage: Bags, underwear, laundry
  • Expanded size: 40 * 35cm
 Package Includes:
  • 1 x Foldable Waterproof Canvas Laundry Basket.
Upgrade your home organization with our Foldable Waterproof Canvas Laundry Basket. Order yours today and experience the difference!

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